I feel the best whenever I’m with you.


Mainly when we’ve got our arms wrapped around one another and I can just feel your body against mine. Or when you pull me closer, or squeeze me tighter. The feeling of being with you is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

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someone told me “face it, you’re too short to do anything.”

oh and i’m a ‘bitch’

i think its time for a shower then bed. bye

i feel so ugly and insecure. I dont know why either.

i wish i was cute and pretty..

I think i’m going to let my hair grow out…like it was in 5th grade.
my hair grows pretty fast so. idk we’ll see.

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damn, i sure feel important. I mean, nothing like getting ditched again.
over and over.
Not to mention, i don’t have any friends to hang out.

Fuck everyone and everything.

i quit.

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Hear Me (by refuse—to-sink)


Hear Me (by refuse—to-sink)

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