I hate when people talk about something that has absolute nothing to do with them, especially to someone who didn’t need to know about it at all. Like, if i don’t ask you or anything, you shouldn’t do anything about it. You should be obligated to leave it as it is. 
You’ve put yourself into things that have nothing to do with you numerous times, and i’m over it. 

The amount of overwhelming rage and frustration is so incredible, literally crying because of it. 
I hope you can feel how pissed off i am. 

  • *sees a cute guy drive by*
basically i have weird face expressions, reasons why no one loves me.

basically i have weird face expressions, reasons why no one loves me.


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asdfghjklgkhef l0l.

omg me and my friend ~the guy i like~ are going to walk around tonight looking like cats for halloween. lolololol

Feeling unwanted is the worst feeling in the world.

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I like sleeping because its like being dead without the commitment

I wonder if anyone is secretly in love with me.

LOL. next joke.

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Reblog if you think no one has a crush on you.

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My next video c:


and Jacyi ~ichbinjayci.tumblr.com~ is making her first video today. So you guys can go watch it after its up. Link it on here when you can c:

http://bitre.tumblr.com/ LUV US.

Cheers to you having 1,479 more followers than me. I just embarrassed myself so bad. Luv Mi.

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